Wedding Idea #2

*Through out my journey of wedding obsessions and research. I have been able to collect many different creative wedding themes...

(I honestly think that weddings are your special day and you need to embrace it  how YOU want to embrace it <3)

Themes for your weddings:

1.Winter time

2. Fall time

3.Spring time ( like a natural rebirth)

4. Summer time (everyone wearing bright colors and sun-light

5.Halloween ( I know it sounds tacky,but it is actually really interesting,pumpkins,everyone dressed up haunted houses and etc)


7.St. Patrick’s( for those Irish folks (green decorations)

8.Typical all white wedding

9.Country wedding (outside, with home-made lemonade and food and picnic tables and all)

10. Vintage wedding 

11.Black and white wedding


13.Phantom of the opera

14.Anime wedding (like that Tokyo/punk style)

15.Rock/punk wedding

16.A night around the world

17.Arabian nights


19.High School Sweet hearts - ( If your friends and families are still friends and — have like flash back videos.. and year books and pictures…)



22.Brazilian—Amazonian themes (jungle fever)

23.Holly wood

24.Disney’s princesses (Cinderella,beauty and the beast,princes and  the frog)

25.Fairy tales

26.Royal wedding theme ( I’ve seen that a lot now)

27.Zombie themed

28.Star trek and star wars ( if you are into the inter-galactic)

29.Gazzing upon stars

30. Hawaiian themed—beach themed.

31.Sports ( if you are marrying an athlete or a major fan)

32.The corpse bride

33.The Nightmare before christmas

34. A green— Earth savvy wedding

35.Circus themed wedding

36.Brooklyn—gangster style

37.1920’s (with flappers)

38. Groovy, hippie wedding.

39.Fancy vampire wedding

40. Medieval times

41.A magical wedding—wishing wells

And my list can go on and on…..

** Guys feel free to give some suggestions I’d love to hear yours..???

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